Personal Protection Equipment Tips for Workers in the Construction Industry

Personal Protection Equipment Tips for Workers in the Construction Industry

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The construction industry has many safety policies and standards that workers have to follow. These policies have been implemented to keep workers safe, but there are many additional ways to keep you and your workmates protected.

Invest in Quality Equipment

Yep, you might pick up your safety helmet every day with a bit of a sigh. But the reason you put it on is to protect yourself from injury. Not just for your own sake, but also for those who care about you. Don’t skimp when purchasing personal protection equipment (PPE) – buy high quality equipment from specialty retailers such as Working in the construction industry does pose risks, so take the time to check out the correct equipment for your needs.


Know Your Stuff

You probably have a general understanding of the required PPE and use it all the time. But are you certain those buckles, latches and anchors can stand up to your needs? Have you attached your harness correctly? Taking the time to learn the proper ways to use your equipment could save you from a fall. Definitely worth it, right?

Assess the Job and Use the Appropriate Equipment

Each construction project is going to have its own requirements. Know what they are before you get started. This gives you the opportunity to carefully select the necessary equipment for the task. If you are going to be working at heights, you will need to be familiar with fall arrestors, safety harnesses and roof safety kits. Using the equipment correctly reduces the risk of injury, so take the time to learn how to attach, fit and operate each component.

Check Your Equipment

If you are using harnesses or ropes that are frayed, or hardware that is bent or worn, then it’s time to replace it. Carry out regular checks of your equipment so you get to know each bump, lock and screw. This makes it so much easier to pick up any changes before they compromise your safety.

An Investment in Your Health

In the same way paying for a gym membership is an investment in your fitness, purchasing quality equipment can help keep you safe. Consider this idea – put equipment for the construction industry in the same category as equipment for recreational sports. Would you abseil without the best ropes, harnesses and safety gloves? Would you step in front of a cricket ball, or baseball at full pace without a helmet? Not likely. World class athletes have to protect themselves from injury, you and your workmates should too.

The construction industry is so diverse, there is no one-size-fits-all remedy when it comes to safety equipment. While you might understand the need to wear your personal protection equipment, it can be difficult to make a direct association with your health. Changing your mindset about the equipment makes it easier to put it on every day.

What are some other tips you share with your workers about personal protection equipment?

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