Looking for a Career Change? Here are some Franchises to Consider

Looking for a Career Change? Here are some Franchises to Consider

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People often consider purchasing a franchise to give them business ownership, flexibility with hours and the opportunity to build the franchise up. Owing a franchise can give you independence from the demands of a difficult boss and can also give you the chance to express creativity and give you a sense of achievement through your own work. Make sure to read the Franchise Guide before embarking on any purchase. You must also decide whether you want a franchise that deals with the provision of services or the selling of goods and products.

Fast Food Outlet

All of the big fast food outlets are franchised. Most of them are already well established and have made a good reputation for themselves. Because of this, these fast food outlets are constantly expanding. Look at where new housing estates are being built, with new shopping centres being erected. Do your research in these areas.


The smell of freshly baked bread swirling through the area always has the ability to entice buyers, whether they set out to buy bread or not! The well-known bakery companies are all franchised and established in shopping centres where you can get a large passing trade. Look for established bakeries in big market areas or look for bakeries about to be established in new growth areas.

Mobile Coffee Van

Since the advent of these vans, no one needs to go without coffee. A lot of people are big coffee drinkers and provided you have a supply of good grade coffee beans, you will keep a lot of people happy. Set up the van at weekend markets, festivals, construction worksites or late at night in the city precincts and you will have a constant stream of customers. People love the convenience of a hot takeaway coffee while strolling leisurely through weekend markets or the handiness of grabbing a coffee and have it finished before you get to work.

Home and Yard Maintenance

More and more people are engaging the services of handymen. Time is at a premium for many people and having the yard maintained or a few odd jobs done around the home, means that is one less thing they have to worry about. In climates where the grass grows abundantly, you will be kept in constant employment.

Cleaning Service

There are many different types of cleaning franchises available such as domestic cleaning, bond cleaning and commercial cleaning. Many cleaning franchises are already well established with good reputations. Have a look at AMC Commercial Cleaning to gain some insight into what services they offer.

You should also consider the growth market and whether the franchise is a fad which could therefore be short lived. Look at competition and whether competitiveness can be maintained. Before committing to purchase a new franchise, look at whether it has appeal for the Australian market. Most franchisees are motivated people who actually enjoy running their own business. Research has shown that self-employed people are much more satisfied with their work than their corporate employed counterparts.

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